Completely new approach
    to the selection process.

Amazing Features

This aproach has the following important benefits:

No need for additional library installation

The designer doesn’t have to install the libraries of all possible producer on his PC;

Simulation process allowed

Possibility of creating simulation processes to better analyze cost and efficiency of the system;

No need for updates

You don’t need to periodically update libraries because they reside on a network server;

Offers generated instanly

OFFER with all selected units and their accessories is generated automatically inside producer WEB Selection Software;

Automated selection process

Unit selection will be performed automatically using the manufacturer's procedures; the designer will not have to spend time selecting equipment;

Real-time updates

Real-time update of the unit characteristics by the manufacturer;

Why we are the best?

Just a few steps from the sketch to the exact calculations and offer!

  • a. REVIT gives information about project, type of units, rooms, cooling and heating load.
  • b. REVIT calls IDEA web services to select the units (results inside UNITS & PIPELINE SHEET).
  • c. REVIT opens IDEA frontend to select accessories for each selected unit.
  • d. REVIT receives the information (units, accessories, etc.) and updates all models and BIM database.


IDEA proposes to its customers the use of advanced procedures that can fill a BIM system with dynamically generated data through a method of calculating and selecting machines used in air conditioning systems.

It does not require the designer to install specific libraries on their workstations because the units will be selected through web service activation using online applications made available by the manufacturers. Unit data, load losses on hydraulic circuits, diameters and position of connections, 3D models, etc. will be imported automatically.

BIM is an acronym for Building Information Modeling

A BIM object is a unique container that includes, in its graphic representation, attributes and physical characteristics, structured in database form, in order to facilitate the work of designers and to make it easier to collaborate with different professional figures (Architects, Engineers, Geometers, Builders, Customers) who are involved in building construction process.

With the 2014/24 / EU DIRECTIVE

The European Union has introduced some guidelines to Member States on the use of the BIM system in the design and implementation of public works. The BIM system is therefore strongly encouraged as a means of increasing the effectiveness and transparency of procurement procedures. It is important to emphasize that the text of the Directive has not made explicit reference to the use of particular software, but rather the creation of methodologies for the management and verification of data that are the whole building process. European Union also sets a period of thirty months for the transposition of these directives by the Member States.

Q4 2013 European Architecural Barometar

With regard to the spread of the BIM procedure to European operators (designers and companies), the data released by the European Architectural Barometer (Q4 2013 European Architectural Barometer) in 2013 reveal strong differences depending on the country. The state of the art is the Netherlands, with 51% of designers already using BIM, followed by the United Kingdom (33%). Italy is in the last positions of statistics, with only 10% of designers already using BIM procedures.

Engineers using BIM on their projects (%)
Contractors using BIM on their projects (%)
Architects using BIM on their projects (%)
Owners using BIM on their projects (%)

Mechanico products

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Our main goal is to establish good relationship between Consultants and Suppliers, therefore we will create different types of licensing programs.

machanico for SUPPLIERS

We helps manufacturers to enter BIM world by giving them a platform to distribute their web applications for calculation and selection of the mechanical equipment directly to the Consultants and automatically update their BIM models with real time product information.Each Supplier pays a small fee to enter  mechanico Suppliers List so they can be contacted by Consultants interested in their products. They can also have access to list of the registered mechanico Users and have opportunity to get in touch with them and market their products.They will also be able to buy licences to distribute them to the Consultants that they are collaborating with.

mechanico for CONSULTANTS

Every Consultant will be able to register to mechanico for FREE by creating their mechanico Profile. This will allow them to view mechanico Suppliers List and to request access to Suppliers web services for calculation and selection. FREE account allows consultant to request and use web service provided by only one Supplier per product. In order to grant access to the Consultant to their web service, Supplier would need to buy these licences and to assign them the consultant that placed request. This gives exclusivity to a Supplier - Consultant relationship.

If Consultant wants to be able to choose different Supplier for the same product category then he would need to buy individual Premium License and place request to manufacturer to give him access to their web services. By granting the access Supplier doesn't give away any licence but only allows Consultant to use their web service.

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